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I’ve always liked writting, especially in RPG forums. I also have my own account on Wattpad, in which I upload some writtings (although they are only available in Spanish, my native language, I’m sorry). One of my latest projects, which I started at the beginning of 2019, is called “In Chains: Encadenados“; the first part of a saga that delves into the intricate world of BDSM and takes place in a nightclub called “In Chains”. Several characters tell the story from their own point of view, but the main ones are Leo and Derek.

Leo is a dominant, focused on discipline, who has just lost his last submissive boy, with whom he had a hidden love relationship. Derek is the twin brother of In Chains’s boss and owner, and he has had a complicated life and has just left prison after serving his sentence. In the story, Derek agrees to become Leo’s 24/7 submissive in order to prove that he can reintegrate into society and fix his aimlessly life. But Derek would have to learn how to live under the strict rules of BDSM first…

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