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I think it’s time to speak a little bit more about how some characters are within BDSM. So let’s start with the main character of this story: Carlnes! (original character and reference by Aenaluck).

  1. Carlnes got interested in BDSM because of his little brother, Master. At the beginning he had some bad thoughts about this particular kind of sex, but eventually changed his mind when he started trying it.
  2. Carlnes is mainly dominant: he likes to be in control, and enjoys giving pleasure to others. He also rathers torture with pleasure better than pain, although he uses impact play (spank, whips, etc…) as punishment sometimes. However, he is very gentle during sex and cares very much about the submissive’s experience (even more than his own).
  3. He is more into women than men, although he had played BDSM with two guys before Master: his actual master who teached him the fundamentals of shibari; and an old friend of his who asked him for a session a few years ago.
  4. He loves protocol, rules and good behavior. Although he’s known within BDSM circles as a very severe dominant, he also likes that sometimes submissive challenge him. However, if the submissive is too stubborn, he’ll probably find him/her annoying and get bored.
  5. His “special skill” in BDSM is shibari: the art of ropes. He’s REALLY good with knots, rope designs and suspension. He sees this kind of bondage like an artistic way to create an emotional conection with his submissives. Also he uses it as a sexual tool, since he can use knots on specific body points to cause arousal without barely touch his playmate.
  6. Although it isn’t very common, sometimes Carlnes enjoys being tied too. He thinks it’s important to experience in his own skin the same feelings and sensations that he causes in his submissives. This way he can improve his abilities and better understand his playmates during sessions.

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So… I started censoring pages for the main social media. 😑 But the good new is… You have the uncensored full page on my new website! Check the link in my bio!😋😋😋

Ooops! 😏 Carlnes, such a gentleman, always worries about his partner’s pleasure too! Looks like it’s your turn to enjoy a bit, Master… (¬◡¬)✧Love to see him with the collar on, I must say. It fits him so well… X///D

Original characters and reference, as always, by Aenaluck. Go check her stuff and support her on Patreon, you’re gonna love it! ♡^▽^♡

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Hey guys! So… Page 8 is already finished! I decided to start with something simple but quite effective 😎 Carlnes looks as if he’s having a good time, doesn’t he? 😏😏😏 Master’s mouth is just irresistible! 😝😝

#originalcharacters and references by Aenaluck Go check her stuff and support her on Patreon!

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